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Rely on us for HVAC repairs in Mount Pleasant, MI

Whether you need to cool or heat your home, when your system isn't keeping up, reach out to Kris Kobylarz Heating and Cooling, LLC for HVAC service. We offer HVAC repair and HVAC installation services for homeowners throughout Mount Pleasant, MI and will find a solution to your problem.

In need of emergency HVAC repairs? We offer 24/7 services you can count on.

Let us get your HVAC unit back on track

When you choose us for HVAC servicing, you can expect us to:

  • Arrive on time and provide a free estimate
  • Know how to work on your specific type of HVAC unit
  • Diagnose the issue and order any necessary parts ASAP
  • Make repairs and ensure the unit works effectively before leaving

You can expect our HVAC contractor to be honest about the condition of your HVAC unit and if it's truly time to invest in a new HVAC installation. Whether you need simple repairs or a total replacement, we'll make sure you end up with an effective HVAC system.

Consider your HVAC installation options

Kris Kobylarz Heating and Cooling will do our best to get your system up and running. But if your system is beyond repair, you'll need a new HVAC installation. In this event, it is best to consider which options are available to you in the Mount Pleasant, MI area, such as:

  • Central heat pumps: Cools down or heats up the entire house from one pump.
  • Mini-split systems: Are individually controlled to meet different comfort levels
  • Swamp Coolers: Pulls outside air into wet pads to cool it before entering the house.
  • Boilers: Uses a pump to flow hot water from pipes to radiators.
  • Furnaces: Uses heated air or water to circulate throughout a building.

Give us a call the next time your system fails, and we'll determine if you need a new HVAC installation.